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more than 2 decades identifying new opportunities to leverage against your peers, now in the age of digital transformation

Since 1994, our company is established in Romania as a strategic centre for the eastern european region. From here our company serves as a real hub helping and promoting low-code Software solutions and innovating and modernizing the Romania software industry. From the beginning of our foundation until today (2018) we´ve had the opportunity to work with more than 1.500 customers and partners and, in the last few years we are very proud to expand our borders helping companies in Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Rusian, India, Australia and USA, among others.

We are helping people to be more effective, more efficient and more innovative in their works and managing their business and projects, and we are doing this creating customized solutions deployed using the latest cute generation low-code technology based on BPM Software, workflow tools and technologies related to this domain such as Business Intelligent, Robotics Process Automation, automated learning, process mining, cognitive computing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and face recognition and solutions.

toro business software, the flagship of our company, will be with near you to guide you on the road to the digitization and automation of your business. Some of our technology partners for business process management and workflow technologies are AuraPortal, Bonitasoft and IBM, but we also work with world-class solutions such as Cflow, Sharepoint, ZOHO and other local solutions. Our company is founder and active as executive member of the Romanian Association of BPM Professionals and BPM Eastern Europe Forum.

After more than 23 years like a reference in these part of european market and having the best experiences about management of Europe an Funds of course, either in Romania or in other countries such as Spain or Hungary, our company is becoming a trusted partner for Romanian companies and also for every international company who want to invest in this Region of Europe with the main objective of growing their projects more and better.

Company Address
Oradea, Bihor, Romania
Str. Bradului 9, CP:410103
VAT Nr: RO6534253
Com. Reg. Nr. J05/4259/1994
Tel. Number: +40 753 508 582


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