By: Cristobal | February 21, 2017

Career opportunities for 2018

If your are looking for a carrer in a software and the innovation industry, in a versatile and experienced company like TiV (TORO INNOVATION VENTURES), send us your application (CV + letter of intentions describing you and your aspirations). 

I'm sure we'll find the place to fit perfectly. We encourage you because we are constantly in need of incorporating people like you for our diverse projects. We trust in you and we want to give you an opportunity. 

Rigth now, we wish to hire students well-roundeded, outstanding academic performance and high learning habilities for "Mobile APP Design and development", "Q&A Testing" and "Digital Maketing" 

Also, we are looking for Professionals (project-based) with experience in "Business Process Management", "Business Analysis" and other related topics, Trainers on "Business Management", "Strategy and Sales", "Innovation" and relates disciplines.  

We offering also a post of marketing managing partner in order to serve digital marketing services to small companies of technology sectors and beyond

In order to expand our Partnerships, want to announce that our company is also searching and selected a Comercial Collaborator or Business Partner to launch together a new line of business related to Digitization of Local and Small Business (for this partnership please contact with our CEO, Cristóbal Toro here

So, if you are interesting to work with us, please contact us at

Many Thanks!

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